_A smart influencer marketing platform powered by AI

_Are you looking for the influencers to promote your products? Would you like to personalize your advertising message and use your budget effective? Reach suitable profils and find the perfect influencer in seconds!

Who we are?

We`re a specialized influencer marketing agency

connecting the biggest top brands with social media influencer worldwide.

We focus on providing innovative tools and advanced technologies

designed to maximize reach, effectively selling products and monetizing all online activities.

We believe that the future belongs to young creators

who tell real stories, inspire, and engage millions of viewers of the new generation.

_What we do?

_We offer the intelligent platform to automatization and optimization influencer marketing campaigns with advance targeting system. We focus on full digitalization our branding activities. We are sending to a brand high specialized offer matched to individual needs, preferations and expectations. 

_We also provide an influencer search engine, which allows a user to easily and quickly find interesting profiles of creators and check their offers without the need to set up a campaign. The search engine identifies influencers under parameters such as age, gender, category or location.


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_Smart technology

_We use innovative artificial intelligence algorithms and smart machine learning technologies. We deliver intuitive influencer marketing platform helps brands to find the best content creators across all powerful social media channels platforms.

Brilliant features   


We use the latest trends and technologies. We offer an intuitive platform based on artificial intelligence algorithms and precise targeting.

Personalized message

We focus on an individualized and authentic message contextually tailored to the brand communication. We use a personalized approach.


Authentic content

We create inspiring advertising campaigns. We rely on interesting, unique and authentic content generated by influencers and young creators.



We implement large-scale influencer marketing campaigns on blogs and social media channels. We reach each customer segment with a positive message.


Outstanding reach 

We increase the organic reach of brands and enable targeting of a specific target group. We focus on generating high-quality traffic.


Smart payments

We assuare bilateral maximization od profits and fast monetization. We are minimalizing paperwork connected with payments.


_Perfect matching 

_Our extensive platform is based on self-learning algorithms that
search and identify hundreds of thousands of influencer profiles.
The system focuses on intelligent matching, enables better
segmentation and personalization.

_Algorithms compare profiles with similar parameters, precisely
select and target them, and then recommend the best creators
for a specific campaign and present a list of influencers tailored
to the brand's target group.

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