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innovation startup
NativeHash in the last stage of the Innovator of Podkarpacie contest

Rzeszów Regional Development Agency has organized a contest for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as for start-ups. It was the 22nd edition of the Innovator of Podkarpacie contest.

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influencer extreme sports
Influencer marketing and earning money on the extreme and other sports

The growing popularity of the subject of extreme sports positively influences the perception of professionals in this field. The sports of risk and adrenaline attract more and more fans. 

influencer building an engaged Instagram community
building engagement how the algorithm works followers
How to build an engaged Instagram community?

Building an engaged community is key to the success of your social media channel. You will need motivation and creativity to develop Instagram. There is a lot of work ahead of you. Ready? Let's get started!

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vlogmas advent calendar YouTube
TOP 5 Christmas vlogmas by Polish influencers

Christmas is probably the best time of the year. Each of us has waited a whole year for that day to come. For most, it is a time with their loved ones, but for some, it is a busy period. 

brand archetype
brand archetype
What is a brand archetype?

An archetype is a common and universal original (set of features) of a character, event, theme, symbol or pattern. In marketing, the archetype of a brand reflects its personality- it is a model of identity.

your own product and making money on your blog and social media channels
influencer social media
How to make money on your blog and social media channels? Part II

Do you need an idea on how to expand your social media activity? Do you have years of experience in the industry, yet your income still does not satisfy you? Perhaps you are an expert in your area and you could create a product or service that would satisfy your followers.

European News Media Forum
European News Media Forum
European News Media Forum in Brussels – coverage of the event

The second edition of the European News Media Forum in Brussels was launched on November 29 at 9 am. The participants could take part both on the spot and remotely .

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influencer influencer marketing
How to make money on your blog and social media channels?

Are you the founder of a popular blog or social media channel? Would you like to monetize your activities and are wondering how to earn money on them? Check out our tips.

Carpathain Start-up Fest 2021
NativeHash in Carpathain Start-up Fest 2021

We would like to share that NativeHash was invited to the acclaimed start-up festival Carpathain Startup Fest 2021. This is the first event of this type in Subcarpathia, which was organized in the G2A Arena Convention and Exhibition Centre in Jasionka next to Rzeszow.

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social media
How to make users come back to our social media channels?

It is the dream of every content creator to gain a loyal fanbase. Let’s analyze what makes people eagerly return to certain channels in social media.

creating content calendar
content marketing content calendar
7 reasons that make creating a content calendar worthwhile.

For many years, content marketing has been widely popular not only for influencers but also for companies. To effectively lead such efforts, it is worth planning your publications ahead of time. This applies to both blogs, social media, or newsletters. A great tool that makes planning easier is a content calendar. Let’s see why it’s worth making.

brand consistency on photo
brand consistency brand recognition
How to build brand consistency?

Before answering "how", let's think about "why" it is worth taking care of brand consistency. In some aspects, consistency is related to the repeatability of chosen elements, and repeatability leads to brand recognition - an important goal of marketing activities. As you can see, consistency is one of the key success factors for building a brand.

Start-up Challenge
NativeHash enters the quarterfinal of the Start-up Challenge 2021 competition

It is a pleasure to announce that NativeHash enters the quarterfinal of the Start-up Challenge competition.

creating content marketing strategy
content marketing strategy
How to create a content marketing strategy for social media channels and blogs?

You get new followers, likes, comments, your channels grow. Are you wondering how to use their potential? Create a content marketing strategy for social media channels or your blog!

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influencer marketing influencer
What is influencer marketing?

The influencer marketing industry is expected to grow to approximately $13.8 Billion in 2021. What is more, the majority of companies’ representatives perceive influencer marketing as an effective form of promoting business. What is influencer marketing and why is it growing so spectacularly? Let's check it!