_We provide
creative advertising
solutions for brands
and influencers

_We are NativeHash. We think creatively, act effectively and see many perspectives. We are proud of our unique platform connecting brands with the most talented influencers. Do you want to join us?

“Start-in Podkarpackie” starting platform. Action 1.1.1. Starter platforms for new ideas.
Establishment of the company. Development of a business and marketing strategy. Analysis of key resources and skills.
Headquarters. Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” in Jasionka koto Rzeszów.
Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. Centre for Technology and Innovation Transfer accredited by the Ministry of Development.
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). European technology transfer network. Opinion on innovativeness - advertising, IT, ICT sectors.
Startup Summer Camp 2” organized by PARP and the Ministry of Enterprenuership and Technology.
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Sub-measure 1.1.2. Development of start-ups in Eastern Poland.
Implementation of product and process innovation. We dare to dream and we are ready for new challenges!

_Our mission 

_We deliver effective solutions to creating amazing campaigns and personalized content on social media. We want to make a positive impact on influencer marketing industry and shape transform the future of digital advertising.

_We want to help the influencer marketing industry work smarter, faster, easier and more efficient for everyone.  Our activities are based on digital communication in the area of social media.

_Our goals

_We connect valuable brands with the most creative influencers on the most powerful social media platforms. We are building  strong relationships between them . We create the most authentic connection on an emotional level.

_We empower brands to drive sales and grow their businesses and achieving success. We activate the right target audiences (target group), engage unique communities, motivate them to action.  

_Why us?

_We focus on the synergy of activities in the areas of social media and influencer marketing. We focus on creating high-quality communication activities with exceptional attention to details. We know the digital language and the influencer market inside out.

_We believe in the power of talented creators who enjoy great respect and influence. We appreciate their potential, charisma, creativity and fresh mind. We gather trendsetters who, thanks to their vast range, create reality in various walks of life. We believe in the power of social media and breathe with influencers’ life.