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How to build brand consistency?

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Before answering "how", let's think about "why" it is worth taking care of brand consistency. In some aspects, consistency is related to the repeatability of chosen elements, and repeatability leads to brand recognition - an important goal of marketing activities. As you can see, consistency is one of the key success factors for building a brand.

Who is the brand?

When you build a brand, you should ask yourself a basic question: Who is your brand? This is not a mistake! Think of a brand as a human being and identify a brand archetype. Obviously, building a personal brand is not difficult because you personally create your brand.  But you are probably wondering why you should do this if, for example, you create a product brand. It’s very simple! Have you ever wondered why some brands attract us and others don't? Why we love and are loyal to some of them? It is thanks to a consistent image based on the brand archetype. 

We can define an archetype as the prototype or pattern of behaviour. Analyze the goals, values and nature of the brand. This will help define its personality and the archetype that best describes it.

Tone of speech

Once you have identified the archetype, you can think about the tone of speech. Will it be light and humorous, or will it be clear and confident?

Remember that online communication must be consistent with what you represent offline. You should define your way of communicating before starting any activity on social media. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to create consistent texts and other content for all communication channels.

When creating messages, you won’t give in to current trends which are not in line with your own vision. You will follow your strategy and develop a consistent brand image on all communication channels.


The visual aspect of a consistent brand

To create a consistent brand, standardize all brand materials.

Consider typography. Choose 2-3 fonts and use the same typefaces consistently on your website, social media posts, or prints. Pick out your brand colours. Write down their RGB number and use them when creating content. Prepare some templates to present graphics. Think about the photos that you use: the way they are shot, colour saturation, contrast and other parameters. Always use the same filters or presets, whether they are profile pictures, background images, posts, or stories. If you create movies or podcasts, remember about unified sounds or an intro.

Thanks to these rules, users will consolidate a brand image in their awareness faster and they will be able to recognize it on different social networks. This is the first step to winning their hearts and making them loyal.

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